Wear Space: Would You Wear These Hightech Blinkers In Office?

Ringing phones, gossiping colleagues, and grunting coffee machines: Working and open-plan offices and coworking spaces can be quite distracting. The design studio Future of Life of the Japanese high-tech group Panasonic has come up with a rather unusual solution. „Wear Space“ are high-tech blinkers for the face, which provide the wearer with more concentration and can hide distractions from the environment.

„Wear Space“ is a concept that should help the wearer to isolate himself from the disturbing environment. There are even Bluetooth headphones integrated, so you can drown out the noise with your own music. The prototype was unveiled this year at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. Now the thing is supposed to go into production.

On its own crowdfunding site, Panasonic wants to raise around $ 135,000 so that „Wear Space“ can be produced for the pre-orderers. We will have to wait and see if the blinkers can prevail on the market. At least early adopters won’t see the confused faces of their peers.

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