The „Rävik“ is an electric surfboard from Sweden that speeds up to 56 km/h

The startup company Awake Boards from Limhamn in Sweden makes dreams come true – at the least the dreams of those surfers who always wanted to go electric. The team developed the „Rävik“: It is a surfboard with a 11 kW brushless electric motor that can speed up to 56 km/h on the water. The fully charged battery lasts for up to 40 minutes, and the board even tells the rider when it is time to go back to recharge.

It’s fast…

The „Rävik“ is pretty fast. It can accelerate from 0 to 50 kph in just 4 seconds. When the battery is empty, the rider needs to wait for about 80 minutes until it is recharged. Due to the battery and the motor, the board is also quite heavy – it weighs 35 kilos. If you want to get a „Rävik“, you´ll need quite some cash – it´s about € 20.000.

…but it’s not cheap

The global surf industry makes revenues of approximately € 7 billion a year, with about 23 million surfers wordwide who are always looking for new gear. That means that there are at least a few aficionados out there who will want to spend that much money for the „Rävik“.

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