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We are probably crazy enough to think we can build a new generation of media. Independent. One that covers topics other media don’t understand and don’t communicate. We don’t understand and know everything. But we reinvent ourselves every day. We believe we can create a media that covers the new economy and its leaders. In Bulgaria. Independently.

Over the past 18 months, Trending Topics has become a media for everyone who’s had enough of scandals, crashes and death, and looks for inspiration, education, and peers. About and for everyone who believes that entrepreneurship and technology are what will bring us all forward as a society. From its first day, Trending Topics Bulgaria has been trying hard to find and make these stories visible. We do it in English because these stories deserve to reach the world. That’s what we believe and what we’ve been putting several hundred hours a month into.

Have we been useful to you in these past 18 months? Have you learned something from us?

We need the ecosystem power now

We are launching a kind of fundraising campaign through a platform called Patreon. It’s usually used to support independent artists, writers, journalists. We are using it as an alternative to a paywall, that would block out anyone who’s not a subscriber. Instead of asking you money to read our content, we’d like to ask you to support our existence, so this content is available to anyone here. Here’s where you can take a look at the different options to support our team.

We need roughly $5k to sustain monthly and be able to grow, advance our capabilities, learn, expand our team and contribute more, reach more people with the cool stories we encounter.

Now, we don’t expect you to cover all our costs, of course. But here’s the deal – the more of you understand what we are calling out for, the less dependent we’d be on marketing and advertising budgets, the more freedom and quality content there will be.

And not least, we truly believe we are doing all this for a generation of people, who understand value and cost, and are ready to pay for the value created for them. We really do believe in you.

Become a Patron!

We want to create the media we are all dreaming of, a media for the people whose interests we want to serve. You, our readers, a new generation of business leaders.  And therefore, we’d like to ask you for some support now.

In this section, we’ll be posting regular updates on how Trending Topics Bulgaria is developing and why it matters to us to have you onboard – not only financially, of course.

Thank you,

Your Trending Topics Team