Trending Topics // Bulgaria is an online media owned by Trending Topics GmbH 

Owner of the website: Trending Topics GmbH

Address: Maria-Jacobi Gasse 1/3.4, 1030 Vienna, Austria


Object of the company: Media company

General Managers: Bastian Kellhofer, Jakob Steinschaden


Shareholders of Trending Topics GmbH:

Jakob Steinschaden (34,76 %)

Bastian Kellhofer (28,97 %)

Manstein Zeitschriftenverlagsgesellschaft m.b.H. (9,81 %)

Gerald Reischl (4,90 %)

Stefan Scoppetta (4,90 %)

Speedinvest II EuVECA GmbH & Co KG (2,94 %)

Romulus Consulting GmbH (2,94 %)

startup300 AG (2,94 %)

Speed Beteiligungs GmbH (2,45 %)

Russmedia Digital Beteiligungs GmbH (2,45 %)

ProSiebenSat.1Puls4 GmbH (1,96 %)

Martin Giesswein (0,98 %)

Voting rights: Voting rights are based on the acquired capital contribution

Silent participation: no

Fiduciary relationships: no

Participation in other media companies: no


Supervisory authority:  KommAustria is the supervisory authority for the on-demand video service 

Member State: Austria


Basic direction: Trending Topics is an Internet portal for the CEE region.

Trending Topics is an independent contribution to democratic and liberal opinion-forming in the sense of a comprehensive freedom of information on the basis of parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, a free social order that excludes any extremism and the free market economy.Trending Topics features information about future technologies and economic fields.


Representative body:  Trending Topics Bulgaria EAD

Publisher of Trending Topics : Jakob Steinschaden

Editorial lead Trending Topics // Bulgaria: Alexandra Kozbunarova, alexandra.kozbunarova[at]

Advertising & Cooperations: Irina Obushtarova, +359 894 840707 or irina.obushtarova[at]


Bank account

Name of beneficiary: Trending Topics Bulgaria EAD

IBAN: BG19RZBB91551010048702


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