Anexia: “ The US Have Always Been a Fantastic Place for Start-ups.“

In December 2012, the Austrian software and cloud provider Anexia founded Anexia Inc. in the USA. Anexia’s first office outside the German-speaking world opens in the heart of New York: Manhattan. We were meeting Adam Rogers, who has been the managing director since the beginning.

A short look back to the beginnings of Anexia: Alexander Windbichler founded Anexia 13 years ago in the small town of Klagenfurt. Over the years Anexia grew up to more than 200 employees all around the world. In 2009, Anexia opens in Germany. Three years later followed the jump over the large pond. Leaving Europe and expanding to the US was an important step in order to reach the international market.

The Silicon Valley of The East

Since 2012 the office in New York is spreading the brand Anexia over the US and close by markets and getting more recognition day by day. Adam Rogers, Managing Director of Anexia Inc., knows the advantages of the Big Apple: “New York City is a vibrant technology center and has rapidly become the Silicon Valley of the east. Major companies like Salesforce, Google, Spotify or Facebook are all rapidly increasing their presence here in New York City. We thought it would be a perfect place for us here.”

Alexander Windbichler, the founder of Anexia, says: “When we decided to go global, we wanted to go outside of Europe. The USA have always been a fantastic place, especially for Start-Ups. We started with a small office a couple of years ago and then decided to grow more and more. Then we said, we need to make the next step and especially decided for this place”. Why? “Because it’s an affordable space and it’s very motivating to be here every day.”

Anexia offers different solutions, explains Adam Rogers: “One thing is traditional managed hosting. The second major area is the media and entertainment business that we just started to develop. The third focus is a 12.000 square feet, two megawatt data center in a co-location in Virginia.“

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